GAIN Study
Study Sponsor: Cortexyme

Assessing a New Approach to Alzheimer’s

GAIN is a clinical trial evaluating whether Cortexyme’s investigational oral drug COR388, called atuzaginstat, is safe and can slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease by reducing the damage caused by bacteria in the brain. Approximately 600 patients have been recruited to participate in this ongoing study in the US and Europe.

Gain is Not Actively Enrolling Subjects at This Time

A Revolutionary New Approach to Understanding Alzheimer’s

The GAIN Trial is based on the growing body of scientific evidence that the bacteria P. gingivalis, commonly associated with gum disease, can infect the brain and cause Alzheimer’s disease. Atuzaginstat is an investigational drug designed to inactivate toxic proteins released by the bacteria and stop or slow further damage to healthy brain cells. A previous study of atuzaginstat in a small group of Alzheimer’s patients has shown promise in improving memory.